No point going half way

Last night I attended a fantastic conference in Perth, Australia on innovation in development. This video was shown as the opening gambit and it set the positive scene for the panel discussion that followed. Speaking was a international development health specialist, an ex-foreign minister, the recently retired Head of the Australian Diplomatic Service and the Policy lead for Global Citizen.

The message from the event was one of hope –  since the Millennium development Goals were launched in 2000, extreme poverty has been halved. New opportunities exist that didn’t 30 years ago, such as the ability to work more openly with empowering women, and change is happening.

As Professor Bruce Robinson said “The more aware you are, the more likely you are to push for things, and being that Global Citizen makes a difference.” Politicians listen. Global politics listens. Changes might be slow but they do take place. So perseverance is key.

The Global Citizen movement aims to bring us all together around the world to make a difference.  To make that difference we don’t necessarily have to leave our seats and travel abroad, but rather it is about having a voice and using it – through tweeting the Canadian Prime Minister to encourage him to invest in foreign aid, or emailing the G20 to ask that Gender Equality be a priority discussion on the agenda – we, together, can have a great and far reaching impact.

If you would like to join the movement, sign up at Global Citizen.

I’ll leave you with a teaser to tempt you into doing more…


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  1. your trusty follower says:

    hope is in short supply in the world in some places, and it’s good to be enmcouraged

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