To adventure doesn’t have to mean big and expensive. In many ways, microadventures (mini adventures, small adventures, walks to the bottom of the garden to smell the flowers) can be a refreshing, easy and quick way to reinvigorate that adventurer battery within you. Why not break up the mundane of routine of life and take on some microadventures?

The key principle of any microadventure is that you are doing something different with your time. Push yourself to get up, get out and do it. Some ideas of projects you could take up are below, or check out the blog posts for running examples of micro adventures.

Here are some recent-ish microadventures I’ve undertaken:

  • Picking elderflowers to make cordial with mum
  • Allowing myself to get lost, and then find my way out of there
  • Weekend trips – camping / diving / hiking in the local hills or sea
  • Saturday morning parcour introductory lesson in the local park
  • Going to the local observatory late at night and seeing the stars
  • Crawling out of bed early to watch the sun rise
  • Wreck hunt dive in the river (we didn’t find it!)

One secret is allowing yourself to experience emotion – laughter, joy, fear, tiredness. Embrace those feelings and be present and suddenly what is mundane to everyone else (like having a Lamington experience) becomes special and memorable.

Live. Love. Laugh.