Mental adventures

As fellow ‘adventurers’ it is worth knowing the impact of our actions, how we can try to have the least negative impact on our environment if we chose to travel, and how we can actually try to do something good with ourselves, our footprints and our minds while we do travel and live on this earth.

The Mental adventures blogs pick up on some of the big development questions and challenges, along with environmental challenges.

As context, it is worth being aware of the Sustainable Development Goals which built on the Millennium Development Goals and were agreed as global targets in 2015. They are:

Sustainable Development Goals

Poverty and the issue of inequality can appear so huge that there is no point in even starting to consider it. I like d’Arcy’s Teaspoon’s of Change approach which suggests that through little steps a big movement can happen. Change is possible. Global change.

Let’s all take a little step and start to consider the impact that our actions have on our globe.