Hi and thanks for checking out The Balanced Adventurer website.

This blog has been developed to provide you with some ideas for adventure alongside opinion pieces on development to enable rounded responsible international tourism.

I love travel and seeing new things and frequently wonder about the impact I am having on the world. I also am really interested in international development and humanity.

My interest started through not knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up so I went to study an international relations degree, which developed into studying conflict, which lead me into working with asylum seekers and refugees in the UK.  Most recently I’ve been living in Australia working on campaigns for an international development NGO. I believe in the power of the people in bringing about change and have seen first hand the impact that humans can have (both positive and negative).

I also know that many people knew what they wanted to be when they grew up, so now have very busy lives working on a multitude of subjects and don’t have the time to delve into social justice questions, or research different holiday destinations from an balanced perspective. That is why i’m writing this blog. I  hope that this blog will provide an introduction to some of the topics that you might have considered thinking about in the past, and some motivation to see the world for what it is.

Our world is a beautiful place. Some is untouched. Some is difficult to find. Some is hidden amongst capitalism and productivity. All is within nature. To develop we need to create our own way of accessing and actually seeing that beauty, be that through taking a break to the countryside, backpacking around the Chinese mountain ranges, or meditating on your train journey into work.  The trick is to be conscious and present.

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